Lunar Hair Care for Spring

Happy Full Moon! Let’s talk about Spring events with family and friends that are coming soon in relation to hair care and the moon phases.


Passover April 11 and Easter April 16 arrive in about a month and you are sure to have an invitation to a traditional family affair or a casual get-together with some close friends. Imagine that you arrive to the house and wait in the car or stand outside the door for a moment or two before going inside.

You go through the mental checklist of your outfit: shoes, colors, accessories. Yes, you think, the style is just right for the occasion. What else? Oh, yes, the crowning glory of your hair sparkles in the sunshine! You toss it or smooth it and it feels just right to your touch and against your neck. It’s a good hair day! You feel great! What happened? It may be that you picked the right day for your hair appointment by using the moon signs and phases.

Using the moon cycle for hair care is nothing new. Guided by the natural cycles of nature, men and women in earlier times lived daily with the movement of the moon and seasons throughout the year. The basic concepts about the moon cycle in the natural world are as valid today as they were centuries ago.

Both of the traditional spring holidays are timed according to the moon phase:

Passover occurs on or near the day of the full moon, which is April 11 this year.

Easter, on April 16, falls on the first Sunday after the full moon following the spring equinox.

Whether you are new to the notion of using the moon signs and phases to time a hair treatment, or a big fan of lunar timing, here are a few tips about picking the dates for an appointment to get ready for these events. Some people need a couple of weeks to let a treatment set in and others look and feel the best with a quick hair cut before an event. There is a perfect moon sign or moon phase day for either choice.

The one astrological caution for this time of year is that Venus retrograde started on March 4 which calls for conservative choices with appearance and purchases to prevent disappointment later on. Stick to familiar styles until Venus goes direct April 15. You will be glad you did not buy that new designer outfit with the bright colors or radically changed your haircut during this time.

To grow hair faster with the moon phases, choose to cut your hair on the New Moon or on one of days of the waxing phase before the next full moon. Particular astrological signs are favored as well. During the waxing moon in March, these signs occur on March 29-30 in Taurus, March 31 in Gemini, and April 4 in Leo, and April 9 in Libra.

Some people prefer to grow hair out more slowly to preserve a style or chemical treatment. In this case, have the hair cut during the waning moon phase, after the full moon. Again, certain astrological signs give a more favorable aspect during the waning moon.

Mar 17 SAG after 10p–BEST
Mar 19 SAG –BEST
Mar 20 SAG before 1a–BEST
Mar 20 CAP after 10a–BEST++
Mar 21 CAP–BEST++
Mar 22 CAP before 4a–BEST++
Mar 22 AQU after 9p–BEST+
Mar 23 AQU before 12p noon–BEST+
Mar 23 AQU after 5p–BEST+
Mar 24 AQU before 9p–BEST+

Mar 15 LIB before 1a–BEST+
Mar 15 SCO 10a-2p–BEST+
Mar 15 SCO after 7p–BEST+
Mar 16 SCO–BEST+
Mar 17 SCO before 1p–BEST+
Mar 22 AQU after 9p–BEST++
Mar 23 AQU before 12p–BEST++
Mar 23 AQU after 5p–BEST++
Mar 24 AQU before 9p–BEST++
Apr 11 LIB before 9a–BEST
Apr 11 SCO after 6p–BEST
April 12 SCO–BEST

Mar 29 TAU after 11a–BEST
Mar 30 TAU before 2p–BEST

The week before either holiday offers several choices for cuts and styling according to the moon phases. Happy results are almost guaranteed on Saturday April 1 with the Gemini Moon trine Jupiter for color, condition and a haircut. Color, condition, and cut hair on the most favored days of the April 4-6 Leo waxing moon, but no perm!

There are plenty of good conditioning days with the moon cycle before the spring holidays:
Time zone: PST
Mar 29 ARI before 3a–BEST
Mar 31 GEM after 12p noon–BEST
Apr 2 GEM before 6a–BEST
Apr 4 LEO after 3p–BEST
Apr 6 LEO after 4a–BEST

Special events are sometimes stressful for the emotions, especially when we see our friends or family just a few times during the year. Taking the time to make a finished outward presentation of style helps a positive attitude on the inside shine through to almost guarantee a good time at the party. Now you step through the doorway to arrive at the party with confidence, knowing that you look and feel the best that you can be for the holiday event, with a little help from the moon phases.

New Moon Eclipse Lunar Cycle

This New Moon is special with the solar eclipse.


Let the day bring what it will. Expect some emotional turmoil and allow it to be okay. Spend some time letting go of old patterns.

Use this powerful time to set new intentions. Several cycles are starting now.

Choose an intention for the next 6 months to the Aug 21 eclipse.

Choose an intention for the next 9 years. 2017 is a 1 year in numerology. 2+1+7=10=1+0=1

This particular New Moon Eclipse will happen again in about 19 years.

Make it count. Go deep. Choose big. It’s time.

Thanks for stopping by today! Blessings on your path.


Moon Phase Last Quarter + 3 Days

LQ+3. It is three days after Last Quarter, now the Balsamic Moon. See the moon overhead in the morning.


There is room now for a new kind of faith. Trust that the universe is ready to help you to achieve your goal.

Symbol: Fruit rots on the ground and seeds spill out.

Tend to daily routine lists. Keep a new idea list.

How it feels

The last weeks are past and gone. It doesn’t matter any more. Relief, purged, and cleansed. Let it be.

What to do

Rise above moodiness. Dream a little. Allow new ideas to change the situation. Routine tasks are best.

What to watch

Watch for a push and pull feeling with old on the way out and new things nudging in the background.

Journal Topics 

My relief meter is High, Medium, or Low.

My mood is _______because…

I feel relief that…

The routine tasks I need to take care of are…

My new idea and dream for the future is…

I am grateful for…

What worked today was…

Now that I have been through it, today I could have…

I appreciate your stopping by today to ponder the moon cycle with me! Laraine.

Moon Phase Last Quarter + 1 Day Lunar Cycle

LQ+1. The lunar cycle today is 1 day after Last Quarter. Look for the waning moon overhead in the morning.


Lie back and dream a dream like no other you have dreamed before. Envision who you want to be.

Symbol:  The plant begins to make seed.

Keep to daily detail lists and priorities.

Look for the moon overhead in the morning.

How it feels 

Old things must pass away now. Let them go. Empower yourself with a sense of faith in what you are doing.

What to do 

Tend to routine matters. Details make take some time to sort out. Ease up on the frantic pace.

What to watch

An old belief may be an issue to face. Feedback may bring info about something you overlooked.

Musing and pondering and journaling: 

My faith gauge is High, Medium, or Low.

My mood is _______ because…

I ask _______ for help with…

The feedback about my plan is that…

I allow time to let go and dream a new dream when I…

I am grateful for…

What worked today was…

If I knew then what I know now, today I should have…

I am honored that you stopped by today to muse on the lunar cycle with me! Laraine.

Moon Phase Last Quarter – How to Release

On this Last Quarter day in the moon cycle look for the moon high in the southern sky in the morning.
Be sure to scroll down! I am sure you will find something wonderful!
It is time for soul searching and reaching a turning point with recent insights. Feelings are signals. Now that the issue is identified, it is time to let go, to release, be honest with the issue to face.
When we are told to “release” something, what does that mean?
How do we release something? I rarely find that a fleeting thought for a few seconds will do the trick.
In the Prepare for a Successful New Moon post I mentioned this time in the moon cycle brings up insights about a current Thing manifesting as a mental struggle and tension.
Now that the Thing has a Name, am I the only one who is asking “What do I do with that”? It is human nature to look for a solution.
The first step is to have an attitude and willingness to believe that there is a solution. Reminds me of the phrase, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” This means having a frame of mind to receive an answer or solution.
When that is achieved, be on the look out for clues that may come from any type of source. The positive attitude and willingness will allow you to do that and recognize that it is an answer.
Be creative to find methods of releasing. Here are a few ideas:
This ancient Hawaiian spiritual system has a delightfully simple method to perform a forgiveness ritual as a method to heal yourself.
These web sites are excellent sources for flower essences:
Desert Alchemy
Bach Flower Essences
Rescue Remedy
I like to use everyday herbs for helpers as well. Take 3-5 drops of an herbal extract on the tongue for a spirit dose. Here are a few:
Black Cohosh for accepting change and understanding emotional patterns. Opens the heart.
Echinacea for feelings about past traumas. Opens to joy. For denial issues and release old patterns.
Lemon Balm for anxiety and elevate the mood. Centering and calming. Lets out suppressed pain and rage.
Any kind of body work helps to release old patterns. Massage, yoga, walking, acupuncture, chiropractic, swimming, sports. Moving the body allows energy and emotions to move, too.
The important word for any spiritual system is “practice.”
Prayer, meditation, shamanic journeying, goddess rituals, clairvoyant reading, wicca, reiki, Buddhism – there are so many possible now. Do you have a practice?
Here is a meditation practice link with the chakras with Jim Self:
These are but a few methods to assist in the “releasing” process.
What other methods are there?
I am so glad you stopped by today! Laraine

Moon Phase Full Moon + 6 days Waning Gibbous

Make friends with the day and what it brings. Strive for a positive attitude if frustration appears.


Tend to details that were left aside in the last week or so.

Trust gut feelings about what is true and what is not.

This mental or emotional topic feels familiar, like when….


Thanks for stopping by today to muse about the lunar cycle! Laraine

Prepare for a successful New Moon

Let’s gather in our comfy chairs and contemplate the waning moon for a few minutes. Sink back in the cushions and start to believe that you have all of the information that you need. We’re just pondering today and not taking any drastic actions. So, relax!


The moon cycle is a marvelous vehicle for processing very personal issues, creative goals, and even business strategies.

Grab a cup of tea or other favorite drink and let us muse for a while about this time and how it will work to benefit you during the next New Moon phase.

We are now at the end of Full Moon week during the waning moon. This is an important time! Now through the next week is the preparation time for the New Moon.

Now we think about the effects of what was created from the last New Moon JAN 27 and manifested at the Full Moon FEB 10.

Didn’t have any great plans for the last lunar cycle? That’s okay, too. This sorting out process is still useful to prepare for the New Moon FEB 26.


A new tension may be brewing now. It sneaks around in thought patterns and hangs out while doing other tasks. This tension signals an inner struggle about the effects of the last moon cycle, whether it was successful, or not. Even success has its consequences!

This mental pickle is related to something current in your life. I expect you know what it is. I often have three or four topics rumming around in my world and often more than one is on my moon cycle processing list. It doesn’t matter if you have one or more going on.


The point is that there are probably some insights bubbling up about the topic, without even trying very hard at it. Could be a personal issue, or a business one, family, relationships, hobbies, health, advertising, grooming, clothing, social, pets – anything! Only you know what it is.

This mental struggle and musing on insights is exactly where you are supposed to be.

It’s part of the lunar cycle.

It’s a signal.


The signal of struggle, tension and insights is bringing up issues or bad feeling related to an experience from in the past, which continues to be the base of your reactions in the present.

It may be identified, or not. It may be enough to know that this is what is going on! Sometimes a specific experience can be named from a certain age. Other times naming habit or energy level is enough. Sometimes giving it a color is enough.


The most important thing is to recognize that it IS a Something to pay attention to. The thing about the moon cycle is that here is an opportunity. There is no report card at the end of the day. You can choose to participate in changing This Thing during the current cycle, or you can choose to do nothing at all about it and consider it during another one. The moon cycle is simply a framework available to use, and it comes around frequently.

Whatever you choose, allow the topic to come up for review.

There is nothing more to do about it right now. Just recognize that it is there.

Let it all simmer, percolate, evaporate – whatever is right for now.

It is part of the moon cycle and it’s okay.

Thanks for stopping by today!