New! 2019 Moon Astrology Planner 

2019 Moon Astrology Planner 6" x 9" Weekly

Weekly Plan plus Notes Page with Monthly Grid Calendar from Jan – Dec 2019

  • January 2019 to December 2019
  • Weekly pages starting on Monday
  • 6” x 9” size with an extra facing page for journaling or notes
  • Daily astrology and moon phase tips
  • Monthly grid calendar

See a video of the inside pages here.

Many times you cannot choose the timetable that you want. When you do have the choice for an appointment, purchase, or event, astrology tips are on the planner pages to support the best choice possible.

Choose a HI day for important tasks. On the LO days be thoughtful and check emotional conditions before deciding what to do. It’s easy to read!  Available on Amazon here.

New! Lunar Hair 2019

Ebook Lunar Hair Available on AmazonFind the exact times to:
Color hair
Color hair & chemical treatments–best absorption
Color roots & chemical treatments–slower growth
Condition hair
Cut hair
Cut hair, trim ends–faster growth
Cut hair, trim ends–slower growth
Cut hair, trim ends–thicker growth
Cut hair to keep the style the longest
Cut hair, trim ends–vital energy, longer, thicker
Permanent wave, relaxant, straightener

The Riding Moon Cycles Lunar Hair 2019 is a simple format to plan hair care treatments with the moon phases and astrological signs. Available on Amazon.

One Line by Moon Sign 4-Year Diary

riding moon cycles one line by moon sign 4-year diary journal

It’s just a few minutes a day to build a long-lasting library of lunar memories.

Paperback book 6″ x 9″ 168 pages

Even better, you don’t have to wait two years to get something out of it. 

Start right away to compare experiences from month to month. Then year to year.

Available on Amazon. 

Riding Moon Cycles Journal of Moon Days

0 jourmoon cover 222 new jpg

Discover your personal patterns with the moon cycle

Today we walk a different path.
Let us set aside the work of the day and talk of real things.

Come walk the path through gentle ferns, across the bridge, and through the mists.

Tuck your feet up under you or put them up on the soft upholstered stool. It’s time to weigh and ponder and contemplate the moon.

We’ll talk of silent thoughts and quiet hopes and inner wonderings.

We’ll whisper about the personal. Of important thoughts inside.

We’ll share the moon’s illumination and talk about the truth within.

Daily moon guide with writing prompts for journaling. Find on Amazon.

Riding Moon Cycles Moon Days

Riding Moon Cycles Moon Days

E-book or paperback.

Every day for every moon we’ll peek beyond and choose the view that you want to see.

You – you! – are the oracle, dear one. Let us remember. Explore the mysteries within.

Let us recall the wisdom hidden inside our guts, buried in our hearts, waiting to be revealed in a bubble of illumination.

Ride the moon days. Reach deep.

Self-knowledge. Asking the right question.

The answers are inside, waiting to be unlocked each day. Available on Amazon.

Riding Moon Cycles Moon Phase Doodles Adult Coloring Book

cover rmc moon color rgb jpg

25 Original drawings featuring the moon phases

Page size: 8.5″ x 11″ single sided

Express the moon cycle in a visually relaxing way

with this adult coloring book. Each drawing shows

a quality of the moon phases in a unique form. Add

your personal touches to color your moon cycle style.

Find it on Amazon here.

Preview all of the Riding Moon Cycle books here.


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