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Moon Astrology for Nov 10 – 16, 2019 – Full Moon Week

Nov 10-16 moon astrology tips for the week.

Schedule important business on Monday, Wednesday,Thursday.

Some relief arrives on Monday. Make your moves this day before the full moon while the aspects are positive.

Wait on important items on Full Moon Tuesday with the void of course moon.

And to all veterans I say, “Thank you for your service.”

I’ll be checking the blackout curtains this week. Are you sensitive to the beautiful moon’s light shining across the sky all night?

Times listed are Pacific Standard Time. Add 3 hours for EST.

NOV 10 – SUN

Void moon to Taurus

FQ+6. Delay actions for a quiet morning. Day starts at 330p to Taurus Earth which likes the physical, practical. Tensions build. Stand firm.


NOV 11 – MON

Taurus  Earth  Waxing

FQ+7. Wake up to a bright idea maybe. Inspiration continues through the day. Others may be affected by the new level you achieved.


NOV 12 – TUE

Taurus Full Moon

Up early and get it done by 8a. Then delay decisions in favor of routine tasks. Watch for dramas, upsets. Accept exactly who you are today.


NOV 13 – WED

Gemini  Air  Wane

FM+1. All clear today even better than the full moon. Load up schedule, tasks. Still full moon dramas, but might be positive. Still Merc Retro.


NOV 14 – THU

Gemini  Air  Wane

FM+2. Be glad you worked hard yesterday. Pull back today and regroup. Enjoy some “normal” time. Accept current maturity of issues.


NOV 15 – FRI

Cancer Water Wane

FM+3. Savor normal activities. Review plans and get new answers about what is ready for sharing. Familiar routines help. Muse. Listen.


NOV 16 – SAT

Cancer Water Wane

FM+4. Excellent morning. You must take action to be effective. It won’t come to you. Finish 1p. Caution rest of day for uneasy moods.

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Moon Astrology for Aug 25 – 31 – Last Quarter Week

It’s stop and go every other day coming up.

Make your moves on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Void-of-course moons SUN, TUE, THU, SAT.



The moon’s path in the sky is called void when it travels between the astrological signs.

Wait on decisions and purchases during the hours of a void moon.

Do chores, grooming, middle parts of projects already set up.

No start or finish.

Friends, relax with no agenda.

Prepare for the hours when the action starts again.

2019 Moon Astrology Planner Last Quarter Week Wane


This last week of the waning moon is like getting ready for a big trip.

Wind up the daily affairs of living – personal, home, work.

Review current conditions and put things in order.

Take care of details and neglected items.

Get ready for a big change at the New Moon.

Part of getting ready for a trip is to plan activities in advance.

And be on the lookout for new ideas that pop up.

Look for the moon in the morning sky.



Fill the New Moon vision with the emotions of already having what you want.

Note how your mood changes.

See if it’s different compared to last week.

It’s Earth, Earth, Earth element in Virgo.

Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Sun are all in Virgo.

Perfect for back-to-school details.

Summer’s over, it’s time to work.

The Earth element is good to build, focus, improve.

This New Moon is one of the best cycles to start something new.

Make a fresh start on something that has stalled.

Pick a project or a health regimen (Virgo!).

The moon cycle supports second chance.

Aug 30 – Sep 5 is the optimum time to go for it.

But take all the time you need for the next two weeks until the Sep 14 Full Moon.

How to read the headings below:

Moon sign [Aries] + Element [Fire] + Moon Phase [Wax/Wane]
LQ+2 means it is two days after the Last Quarter Moon.
Times listed are Pacific Daylight Time.
Add 3 hours for EST.

AUGUST 25 – SUN – V/C 12a to 2p
Cancer Water Wane

LQ+2. Have a slow morning with the void-of-course moon. 2p-6p enjoy some positive time after a hard few days. Play, dream.


Cancer Water Wane

LQ+3. A brilliant early morning may turn serious in the afternoon. Adjust. Keep to routine. Pain is a signal that it’s time to let go. Time for a new sense of how to be.


AUGUST 27 – TUE – V/C 2a to 5p
Void-of-course moon to Leo

LQ+4. Pull back from the pushing machine. Proceed on tasks already set up. Release what is no longer needed. Evening perks up.


AUGUST 28 – WED – V/C 5p – 12a
Leo  Fire  Wane Void

LQ+5. Schedule important appts 3p-5p afternoon with Leo moon trine Jupiter. Go easy in the evening with the void moon. Let go of it.


AUGUST 29 – THU – V/C 12a to 5p
Void-of-course to Virgo

LQ+6. Delay new actions and work on tasks already set up. Emptiness is fading. Group activities are favored. Possible evening surprise.


Virgo New Moon – Earth

Contacts are positive in the morning. Keep it simple after 3p. This powerful time is precious. Seed a new vision of your desire. Accept it all.


AUGUST 31 – SAT – V/C 2a – 4p
Void to Libra Air 4p

NM+1. Unsettling morning. Do simple activities or rest. If work, focus on areas already set up. Muse on a new cycle, second chance.

The black & white calendar on the image is a snip from the monthly grid in the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner on Amazon.

View sample pages at https://larainemesavage.com/published-books/

Image by Keith Johnston from Pixabay

Moon Astrology for Week June 17 – 23 Full Moon

JUNE 17-23 – Full Moon Week ahead from the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner.

The practical, get-it-done days are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Delay decisions and stick to routine on Wednesday and Friday.

If you are magnetically sensitive, this week is a doozy. It started last Friday June 21.

Monday June 17 Full Moon is aligned with the Galactic Center at 25 degrees of Sagittarius.

That’s the magnetically charged full moon lined up with the black hole of the galaxy which scientists tell changes and distorts the paths of the material around it.

After that whammy, we move right into the June 21 Summer Solstice when the path of Sun crosses over the Milky Way.

This is called Galactic Cross.

All of this means you might be reeling with a spacey feeling or confusion.

Or you might reach for a higher plane with some spiritual work and positive intentions.

Here are the Moon Astrology tips for next week:

JUNE 17 – MONDAY – Sagittarius Full Moon
To Capricorn Earth 9a
Take stock of completed parts. Celebrate! Light is shining now on progress. It’s not the end.

JUNE 18 – TUESDAY – Capricorn Earth Wane
FM+1. Note possible morning gush. Earth signs are good for financial items. Something familiar aids review of progress. Probably not perfect.

JUNE 19 – WEDNESDAY – Void-of-course moon
FM+2. All day VOC 4a-7p. Enjoy some ‘normal’ time after the frenzy of last week. Do chores, parts already in motion. Be safe tonight.

JUNE 20 – THURSDAY – Aquarius Air Wane
FM+3. Morning grumps pass. Better now. Look for neglected items to do. Wisdom wants to get itself out into the world now.

JUNE 21 – FRIDAY – Void-of-course moon-24hrs
FM+4. The void moon runs 7a Friday to Pisces 7a Saturday. Delay important tasks and decisions. Focus on chores, preps, pampering.

JUNE 22 – SATURDAY – Pisces Water Wane
FM+5. Enjoy a breather from recent tensions. Allow time to view the big picture. Muse on how to improve it all with new ideas.

JUNE 23 – SUNDAY – Pisces Water Wane
FM+6. Save big plans for another day. Tough aspects today. Keep it simple while feelings evolve. It may feel familiar, like when…

Lunar Hair Care December Waxing Moon

The December New Moon is extra special with Mercury turning direct Dec 6, 2018. And it kicks off the waxing moon for holiday celebrations and planning.

There are some attractive days ahead for moon phase hair treatments for color/chemical with the Aquarius moon, and cutting hair to encourage faster growth with the waxing moon.


Aquarius is highly rated for coloring hair with its qualities of Fixed and wet. Add the waxing moon for better absorption or the waning moon to see slower root growth.

The element of Air and class of semi-barren put Aquarius on the list for conditioning.

Aquarius is wet, hot and semi-barren. Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign.


The day after the New Moon, the light reflected on the Moon grows brighter each night.

Traditional lunar hair care principles based on western astrology name the waxing moon as a time for treatments to absorb, condition, and see faster growth after a haircut or trim.

LUNAR HAIR 2019 – New Feature!

Each day I look at the day and ask, “Would I pick this day for myself for a lunar hair treatment?” If the answer is no or has any doubt at all, I mark it AVOID. There are plenty of other positive lunar hair care days to choose from all year long.

I’ve decided to add a small detail to the date listing with huge ramifications for the lunar hair care table.

This new format puts more emphasis on the astrology of the day. Be sure to specially note the underlined dates to give you the best chance for success in your choice for hair care.

Positive western astrological contributions to moon phase hair care are lunar aspects such as a sextile or trine to Venus for a beauty boost.

You’ll see this new feature in Lunar Hair 2019 and I’ve added it in the list below.

The optimum moon phase hair treatment would be

#1 an underlined date (for astrology) with

#2 a “BEST” rating (for lunar hair care).

Please ask if this needs more explanation!


Here are the lunar hair care dates for next week:


Color hair: PST

Dec 10 AQU after 5p–BEST




Color & chemical–best absorption: PST

Dec 7 SAG

Dec 8 CAP after 6a

Dec 9 CAP

Dec 10 CAP before 12p noon

Dec 10 AQU after 5p–BEST+

Dec 11 AQU–BEST+

Dec 12 AQU–BEST+


Condition hair: PST

Dec 6 SAG before 6p New Moon

Dec 6 SAG after 10p New Moon


Dec 10 AQU after 5p–BEST




Cut hair: PST

Dec 6 SAG before 6p New Moon

Dec 6 SAG after 10p

Dec 7 SAG

Dec 8 CAP after 6a–BEST

Dec 9 CAP

Dec 10 CAP before 12p noon


Cut hair, trim ends–faster growth: PST

Dec 6 SAG before 6p New Moon

Dec 6 SAG after 10p New Moon

Dec 7 SAG

Dec 8 CAP after 6a–BEST++


Dec 10 CAP before 12p noon–BEST+

Dec 10 AQU after 5p

Dec 11 AQU

Dec 12 AQU


Cut hair, trim ends–thicker growth: PST

Dec 8 CAP after 6a–BEST

Dec 9 CAP

Dec 10 CAP before 12p noon


Cut, trim ends–vital energy, longer, thicker: PST

Dec 9 CAP


Permanent wave, relaxant, straightener: PST

Dec 10 AQU after 5p

Dec 11 AQU

Dec 12 AQU


Thanks for stopping by today!

Lunar Hair Tip #6 – Astro Signs for Coloring Hair

Lunar hair care principles for coloring hair are all about the astrological signs. The number one quality of the astrological signs mentioned for coloring hair is “Fixed.” Lunar Hair Tip #6 Color Hair Riding Moon Cycles

Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius are three of the four Fixed signs used for coloring. The remaining Fixed sign of Leo is too hot and dry to be useful for coloring.

Taurus, Scorpio share the classes of fertile and semi-fertile. Aquarius is the odd one out but wins high marks for its Fixed quality and wet class. Libra has votes for its semi-fertile and wet classes.

Currently I use Aquarius for the highest rated sign, with Taurus, Scorpio and Libra following, in that order.

Taurus is a major contender with the Earth element, Fixed quality, and semi-fertile class which I am considering upgrading to equal status with Aquarius. Let me know if you vote for this change.

In addition to the astrological sign, choose the waxing moon for best absorption or the waning moon for slower growth.

Which sign works for your lunar hair coloring?

Buy the digital book with all of the dates for the whole year inside Lunar Hair 2018.

The Hidden Gem in the Last Quarter Moon Phase is…

A quiet strength of the moon cycle is found in the Last Quarter that gets neglected for the excitement of the New and Full moons.

The keyword for Last Quarter is “crisis.” It’s the half-way point between the Full and New Moons. A simmering time. An opportunity to review what’s happened recently. A mental turning point in how you feel about the actions of the last few weeks. It is usually colored by an intense emotional issue.The Hidden Gem in Last Quarter Moon Phase is...

That issue connects to wrestling with personal values. It doesn’t have to be painful, especially if you know what is going on. Success for this week means that you examine your life in relationship to your values.


While all of this agitation is going on with emotions and value, another remarkable thing can happen. Sometimes it is in the very center of a crisis that a peak experience can occur.

Let’s take the highest form of crisis and look at what happens when there is a disaster. People perform all kinds of heroic actions to help others that seem impossible to believe. The people doing it hardly knew what they were capable of until they were put into an extreme crisis situation, like a 90-lb. woman lifting a 3-ton car off her trapped child.

Sometimes the cosmic balance leaves us grieving and wondering how such evil can exist, but one such incident took place on a September morning in 2001 during the Last Quarter phase:

Year 2001

New Moon Aug 19

First Quarter Aug 25

Full Moon Sep 2

Last Quarter Sep 10

Knowing that this event was a part of the cycle can never alleviate the pain that thousands felt, and still feel. We can only offer them our prayers and support.

Here is another more recent Last Quarter event.

Year 2018

New Moon Dec 17 2017

First Quarter Dec 26 2017

Full Moon Jan 1 2018

Last Quarter Jan 8 2018

The night before Last Quarter when the Moon was heading to sextile Jupiter (public relations; recognition in business) Oprah Winfrey gave a speech on the Golden Globes awards show accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement.

See the links below if you missed it.

During the show it was astounding to see Hollywood silently portray the current issue of #metoo with the women all wearing black. Did you notice most women wore no lipstick also? The men wore small black pins saying “Time’s Up.”

I was thrilled to see this silent demonstration for women’s rights and after a while I almost left the show, thinking that was enough. And then Oprah showed up in all her glory. “O” she is called.

Who better to speak for women, surrounded by women in black, stripped of bling and standing together “fighting hard to make sure that they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody ever has to say “Me too” again.”

Bless Ron Howard who had to follow her on the stage. He recognized the moment.


Want more? Here’s another Last Quarter peak event:

Year 2017

New Moon Dec 29 2016

First Quarter Jan 5 2017

Full Moon Jan 12 2017

Last Quarter Jan 19 2017

The worldwide Women’s March following the presidential inauguration took place on January 21, 2017, during Last Quarter week.

February 14, 1920: The League of Women Voters is founded at the Victory Convention of the National American Woman Suffrage Association in Chicago, Illinois. Last Quarter week.

May 21, 1919: The House of Representatives passes the federal woman suffrage amendment. Last Quarter May 22, 1919.

September 30, 1918: President Wilson addresses the Senate to argue for woman suffrage at the war’s end. Last Quarter week.

I know these events are anecdotal to the topic. Every Last Quarter and the week following do not produce every major event in the world. Major peak events do occur on other days of the moon cycle.

But when I see these events coincide with the moon cycle my view is that they perfectly illustrate the marvelous connections we have in the web of life in this universe, on this Earth.


You can’t plan for this opportunity of Last Quarter Week except to know it is possible during this part of the phase. Here you are deep in the pit of some kind of emotional frustration and it seems no one knows or cares about it.

It may be expressed as a full-blown drama or merely a series of thoughts while driving in your car. Then, when it seems there is no where to go, inspiration can pour in. Up is the only place to go, sometimes like a rocket!

Consider what peak experiences you have had in the past. Reflect on a past event that has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Be pleasantly prepared for a situation now that will become a sweet memory of tomorrow.

Because you know what Last Quarter leads to – it’s preparation for the New Moon. And the cycle continues.

I’m so glad you stopped by today!

Phase on.

Here is the link to the video and also the transcript.