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Moon Astrology for Jan 19 – 25, 2020 – Last Quarter Wane Moon Phase Week

Friday 1/24, New Moon day in Aquarius, is the best day for important business.

Also make plans for Monday 1/27 and Tuesday 1/28.

Times listed are Pacific Standard Time. Add 3 hours for EST.

JAN 19 – SUN

LQ+2. Get it done by 1p. Then break during VOC 1p-3p. Pleasant Sunday off. If you hit the wall this week, downtime is key. Muse.


JAN 20 – MON

Sagittarius  Fire  Wane

LQ+3. Might be short tempers in the morning. Afternoon eases up but caution for moody all evening. Don’t push. Relief, let it be.


JAN 21 – TUE

Void to Capricorn Earth

LQ+4. Delay decisions with no astrological aspects today. Balsamic moon favors a break, gentle time for yourself. Stick to routine and priority lists. Wait.


JAN 22 – WED

Capricorn  Earth  Wane

LQ+5. Earth signs favor business and finance. Afternoon brings mellow moods if you need a favor 3p-4p. Stay home tonight.


JAN 23 – THU

Capricorn to Void Moon

LQ+6. Caution in the afternoon for impulsive moods. Wait today, plan for tomorrow. Vulnerable. Skip evening plans with Saturn.


JAN 24 – FRI

Aquarius New Moon

Possible irritable moods in the morning. HI track starts 11a for top work. Let the day be okay, notice what interests you for the cycle.


JAN 25 – SAT

Aquarius to Void Moon

NM+1. Good morning for a talk or physical activity with positive Mars. HI to 11a. Then kick back/chores with VOC. Fragile but hopeful.

There’s a couple of weeks left for getting important tasks done before the next Mercury retrograde in February.


Moon Astrology for Nov 10 – 16, 2019 – Full Moon Week

Nov 10-16 moon astrology tips for the week.

Schedule important business on Monday, Wednesday,Thursday.

Some relief arrives on Monday. Make your moves this day before the full moon while the aspects are positive.

Wait on important items on Full Moon Tuesday with the void of course moon.

And to all veterans I say, “Thank you for your service.”

I’ll be checking the blackout curtains this week. Are you sensitive to the beautiful moon’s light shining across the sky all night?

Times listed are Pacific Standard Time. Add 3 hours for EST.

NOV 10 – SUN

Void moon to Taurus

FQ+6. Delay actions for a quiet morning. Day starts at 330p to Taurus Earth which likes the physical, practical. Tensions build. Stand firm.


NOV 11 – MON

Taurus  Earth  Waxing

FQ+7. Wake up to a bright idea maybe. Inspiration continues through the day. Others may be affected by the new level you achieved.


NOV 12 – TUE

Taurus Full Moon

Up early and get it done by 8a. Then delay decisions in favor of routine tasks. Watch for dramas, upsets. Accept exactly who you are today.


NOV 13 – WED

Gemini  Air  Wane

FM+1. All clear today even better than the full moon. Load up schedule, tasks. Still full moon dramas, but might be positive. Still Merc Retro.


NOV 14 – THU

Gemini  Air  Wane

FM+2. Be glad you worked hard yesterday. Pull back today and regroup. Enjoy some “normal” time. Accept current maturity of issues.


NOV 15 – FRI

Cancer Water Wane

FM+3. Savor normal activities. Review plans and get new answers about what is ready for sharing. Familiar routines help. Muse. Listen.


NOV 16 – SAT

Cancer Water Wane

FM+4. Excellent morning. You must take action to be effective. It won’t come to you. Finish 1p. Caution rest of day for uneasy moods.

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Moon Astrology for Oct 13-19, 2019 – Full Moon Week

Oct 13-19 moon astrology tips for the week.

How did your Saturday Oct 12 morning go with the Moon opposite Mars?

This coming week Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday are the best days for priority items.

Wednesday is a void-of-course day to take a break and catch up on routine chores.

Times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. Add 3 hours for EST.


OCT 13 – SUN

Aries Full Moon

Pleasant full moon morning, take advantage. Keep it simple after 2p. Count blessings. Accept current light on all fronts. Perspective.

OCT 14 – MON

Taurus  Earth  Wane

FM+1. The day starts after 10a. Check neglected items. Review current plans. Accept all results of this version of you for this cycle.

OCT 15 – TUE

Taurus  Earth  Wane

FM+2. Positive aspects assist decisions to adjust the plans. You now have a full perspective on this cycle of how far you’ve blossomed.

OCT 16 – WED

Void-of-course moon

FM+3. Routine and familiar tasks work best. Prepare for Thurs. Clean up, organize. Enjoy chatting with the evening Gemini moon.

OCT 17 – THU

Gemini  Air  Wane

FM+4. Schedule important tasks this morning. Take stock of results and decide what is worth sharing out into the world now.

OCT 18 – FRI

Gemini  Air  Wane

FM+5. Delay decisions this morning. Tackle neglected items. Identify a mental issue. Early dinner may be a welcome respite.

OCT 19 – SAT

Cancer Water Wane

FM+6. Enjoy a sense of calm after last week’s tensions. Let feelings evolve. Just be you today. Let go of it. Call it early 8p or risk upset.

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Moon Astrology for Aug 25 – 31 – Last Quarter Week

It’s stop and go every other day coming up.

Make your moves on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Void-of-course moons SUN, TUE, THU, SAT.



The moon’s path in the sky is called void when it travels between the astrological signs.

Wait on decisions and purchases during the hours of a void moon.

Do chores, grooming, middle parts of projects already set up.

No start or finish.

Friends, relax with no agenda.

Prepare for the hours when the action starts again.

2019 Moon Astrology Planner Last Quarter Week Wane


This last week of the waning moon is like getting ready for a big trip.

Wind up the daily affairs of living – personal, home, work.

Review current conditions and put things in order.

Take care of details and neglected items.

Get ready for a big change at the New Moon.

Part of getting ready for a trip is to plan activities in advance.

And be on the lookout for new ideas that pop up.

Look for the moon in the morning sky.



Fill the New Moon vision with the emotions of already having what you want.

Note how your mood changes.

See if it’s different compared to last week.

It’s Earth, Earth, Earth element in Virgo.

Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Sun are all in Virgo.

Perfect for back-to-school details.

Summer’s over, it’s time to work.

The Earth element is good to build, focus, improve.

This New Moon is one of the best cycles to start something new.

Make a fresh start on something that has stalled.

Pick a project or a health regimen (Virgo!).

The moon cycle supports second chance.

Aug 30 – Sep 5 is the optimum time to go for it.

But take all the time you need for the next two weeks until the Sep 14 Full Moon.

How to read the headings below:

Moon sign [Aries] + Element [Fire] + Moon Phase [Wax/Wane]
LQ+2 means it is two days after the Last Quarter Moon.
Times listed are Pacific Daylight Time.
Add 3 hours for EST.

AUGUST 25 – SUN – V/C 12a to 2p
Cancer Water Wane

LQ+2. Have a slow morning with the void-of-course moon. 2p-6p enjoy some positive time after a hard few days. Play, dream.


Cancer Water Wane

LQ+3. A brilliant early morning may turn serious in the afternoon. Adjust. Keep to routine. Pain is a signal that it’s time to let go. Time for a new sense of how to be.


AUGUST 27 – TUE – V/C 2a to 5p
Void-of-course moon to Leo

LQ+4. Pull back from the pushing machine. Proceed on tasks already set up. Release what is no longer needed. Evening perks up.


AUGUST 28 – WED – V/C 5p – 12a
Leo  Fire  Wane Void

LQ+5. Schedule important appts 3p-5p afternoon with Leo moon trine Jupiter. Go easy in the evening with the void moon. Let go of it.


AUGUST 29 – THU – V/C 12a to 5p
Void-of-course to Virgo

LQ+6. Delay new actions and work on tasks already set up. Emptiness is fading. Group activities are favored. Possible evening surprise.


Virgo New Moon – Earth

Contacts are positive in the morning. Keep it simple after 3p. This powerful time is precious. Seed a new vision of your desire. Accept it all.


AUGUST 31 – SAT – V/C 2a – 4p
Void to Libra Air 4p

NM+1. Unsettling morning. Do simple activities or rest. If work, focus on areas already set up. Muse on a new cycle, second chance.

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Image by Keith Johnston from Pixabay

Moon Astrology for August 18 – 24, 2019 – Full Moon Week

Plan for today or look ahead with moon astrology.

Scroll down this text for the IMAGE CLUE!

The moon wanes this week.

Wane is a time to good for catch up on neglected details.

Tuesday dinner plans are pleasant with the Moon trine Venus. Thursday stay home and sidestep disappointment, confusion. Saturday night is favorable for social conversations with a positive Mercury.

2019 Moon Astrology Planner August

How to read the headings below:

Moon sign [Aries] + Element [Fire] + Moon Phase [Wax/Wane]
FM+6 means it is six days after the Full Moon.
Times listed are Pacific Daylight Time.
Add 3 hours for EST.

Aries  Fire  Wane

FM+3. Feel a breather, ready to go with Aries moon at 930a. Might have an urge to share recent wisdom gained.

Aries  Fire  Wane

FM+4. Good communications can be had 7a-9a. It’s mixed up after lunch. Familiar activities help while making the vision workable.

Aries  Fire  Wane

FM+5. Feel welcome breathing space so you can do forgotten items, catch up. Dinner plans are favored. Think about improvements.

Taurus  Earth  Wane

FM+6. Watch for mood changes this morning. Tend to neglected details and practical items. A mental issue may surface.

Taurus  Earth to void

FM+7. Wind it up by 2p. Let feelings about your original desires evolve. Confusion with Neptune in evening.

Gemini  Last Quarter

Could be critical situations on all fronts and no help today with the moon aspects. Thinking changes with a mental turning point.

Gemini  Air  Wane

LQ+1. More of the same today with difficult issues to face. Feedback may reveal something overlooked. Evening gets better.

IMAGE CLUE:  The black & white calendar on the image is a snip from the monthly grid in the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner on Amazon. Plan and write notes for events each month. Plan and write notes for events each month right where the astrology tips are located. Easy!

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Moon Astrology for August 11 – 17, 2019 – Full Moon Week

Full Moon Thursday has the Moon opposite Venus (6a early) and Mars (6p dinner PDT).

These opposite aspects to the Moon mean that the morning may be moody around the breakfast table, and it may be better to pick a different afternoon / evening for social time or risk upsets.

Fit lunch plans in between the clashes from 12p to 2p.

How to read the tips below:

Moon sign [Capricorn] + Element [Earth] + Moon Phase {Wax/Wane]
FQ+4 is four days after the First Quarter Moon.
FM+1 means it is one day after the Full Moon.
Times listed are Pacific Daylight Time.
Add 3 hours for EST.

Capricorn Earth Wax
FQ+4. Confusing morning. Consider if you can take a step ahead of normal abilities. Plan for your kind of full moon experience.

Capricorn Earth Wax
FQ+5. All systems are go. Wind up important tasks by 3p before the VC. Note how much of the original desire is here. See how to adapt.

Aquarius Air Waxing
FQ+6. Could be mixed feelings by lunch time. Plus emotional flare-ups are possible. Plan for some self-care to ease full moon tension.

Aquarius Air Waxing
FQ+7. The Moon and Jupiter make a much better morning than yesterday. Work details. Recognize the parts that are working.

Aquarius Full Moon
Find a perspective for the cycle. Notice how the vision changed. Watch for a tiring late afternoon and plan for an easy void evening to rest.

Pisces Water Wane
FM+1. Be prepared for unusual issues in the AM and full moon window. Believe what you do has value. Full light is on current results.

Pisces Water Wane
FM+2. Expect that you can find what you need. Complete tasks by 3p. Watch that others may have a full moon low mood.

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Moon Astrology for August 5 – 11, 2019 – First Quarter Week

Issues may come up this week related to the New Moon intention that may require some special effort.

Challenges and obstacles give an opportunity to go beyond a comfort zone to push through and make a change.

If the adjustment is too much at this time, there might be a retreat back into the past.

It’s okay, there’s another chance next cycle.

Here are the moon astrology tips for next week:

Moon sign [Libra] + Element [Air] + Moon Phase {Wax/Wane]

NM+6 is six days after the New Moon.

FQ+2 means it is two days after the First Quarter moon.

Times listed are Pacific Daylight Time.

Add 3 hours for EST.



Libra  Air  Waxing

NM+5. May feel like a hard Monday with Saturn-Pluto. Watch getting scattered with too much input. Evening better 7p-8p.



Scorpio Water Wax

NM+6. Know you have chosen well as thinking progresses. Be alert for key additions. Skip evening social time. Friday is better.



Scorpio First Quarter

Mixed aspects today, high and low. Issue may surface 10a. Recall the dark moon vision. See the half-moon overhead this evening.



Sagittarius Fire Wax

FQ+1. Start out routine with void moon between 8a-2p. Make changes to the plan. Trust instincts. Affirm you have all that you need.



Sagittarius Fire Waxing

FQ+2. Keep the momentum going to match your vision. Contact those who can help. Evening ease to 10p.



Sagittarius to Void moon

FQ+3. Do important tasks in the morning. Then turn to routine, chores, and preps from 1p-10p for the void moon. Smooth out relations.



Capricorn Earth Wax

FQ+4. Confusing morning. Consider if you can take a step ahead of normal abilities. Plan for your kind of full moon experience.


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