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Moon Astrology for Nov 10 – 16, 2019 – Full Moon Week

Nov 10-16 moon astrology tips for the week.

Schedule important business on Monday, Wednesday,Thursday.

Some relief arrives on Monday. Make your moves this day before the full moon while the aspects are positive.

Wait on important items on Full Moon Tuesday with the void of course moon.

And to all veterans I say, “Thank you for your service.”

I’ll be checking the blackout curtains this week. Are you sensitive to the beautiful moon’s light shining across the sky all night?

Times listed are Pacific Standard Time. Add 3 hours for EST.

NOV 10 – SUN

Void moon to Taurus

FQ+6. Delay actions for a quiet morning. Day starts at 330p to Taurus Earth which likes the physical, practical. Tensions build. Stand firm.


NOV 11 – MON

Taurus  Earth  Waxing

FQ+7. Wake up to a bright idea maybe. Inspiration continues through the day. Others may be affected by the new level you achieved.


NOV 12 – TUE

Taurus Full Moon

Up early and get it done by 8a. Then delay decisions in favor of routine tasks. Watch for dramas, upsets. Accept exactly who you are today.


NOV 13 – WED

Gemini  Air  Wane

FM+1. All clear today even better than the full moon. Load up schedule, tasks. Still full moon dramas, but might be positive. Still Merc Retro.


NOV 14 – THU

Gemini  Air  Wane

FM+2. Be glad you worked hard yesterday. Pull back today and regroup. Enjoy some “normal” time. Accept current maturity of issues.


NOV 15 – FRI

Cancer Water Wane

FM+3. Savor normal activities. Review plans and get new answers about what is ready for sharing. Familiar routines help. Muse. Listen.


NOV 16 – SAT

Cancer Water Wane

FM+4. Excellent morning. You must take action to be effective. It won’t come to you. Finish 1p. Caution rest of day for uneasy moods.

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Moon Astrology for August 18 – 24, 2019 – Full Moon Week

Plan for today or look ahead with moon astrology.

Scroll down this text for the IMAGE CLUE!

The moon wanes this week.

Wane is a time to good for catch up on neglected details.

Tuesday dinner plans are pleasant with the Moon trine Venus. Thursday stay home and sidestep disappointment, confusion. Saturday night is favorable for social conversations with a positive Mercury.

2019 Moon Astrology Planner August

How to read the headings below:

Moon sign [Aries] + Element [Fire] + Moon Phase [Wax/Wane]
FM+6 means it is six days after the Full Moon.
Times listed are Pacific Daylight Time.
Add 3 hours for EST.

Aries  Fire  Wane

FM+3. Feel a breather, ready to go with Aries moon at 930a. Might have an urge to share recent wisdom gained.

Aries  Fire  Wane

FM+4. Good communications can be had 7a-9a. It’s mixed up after lunch. Familiar activities help while making the vision workable.

Aries  Fire  Wane

FM+5. Feel welcome breathing space so you can do forgotten items, catch up. Dinner plans are favored. Think about improvements.

Taurus  Earth  Wane

FM+6. Watch for mood changes this morning. Tend to neglected details and practical items. A mental issue may surface.

Taurus  Earth to void

FM+7. Wind it up by 2p. Let feelings about your original desires evolve. Confusion with Neptune in evening.

Gemini  Last Quarter

Could be critical situations on all fronts and no help today with the moon aspects. Thinking changes with a mental turning point.

Gemini  Air  Wane

LQ+1. More of the same today with difficult issues to face. Feedback may reveal something overlooked. Evening gets better.

IMAGE CLUE:  The black & white calendar on the image is a snip from the monthly grid in the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner on Amazon. Plan and write notes for events each month. Plan and write notes for events each month right where the astrology tips are located. Easy!

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Moon Astrology for July 22 – 28, 2019 – Last Quarter Week

July 22 – 28 Last Quarter Week ahead tips for moon phase astrology.

Much quieter week compared to the intense eclipse previous weeks.

Routine tasks and priority lists are your friends while processing the close of this moon cycle.


Aries  Fire  Wane

FM+6. Bright Aries fuels morning tasks. Use it to tend details left over from last week. Issue at hand feels familiar, like when…


Aries  Fire  Wane

FM+7. Early birds get it done before 9a for the best part of the day. Feelings and issues are developing. Need time. Call it an early night.


Taurus Last Quarter

Do routine tasks with the void moon 8a-3p. Soul searching and turning points are part of the cycle. May be a bump 4p-6p.


Taurus  Earth  Wane

LQ+1. Daily lists help while sorting issues. Keep the trains running on time. Maybe an old belief is a concern. Caution for low evening.


Taurus  Earth  Wane

LQ+2. Uneasy day with Mars -Saturn. Rise above past experiences. Late social evening perks up if no expectations with void moon 9p.


Gemini  Air  Wane

LQ+3. Some relief after recent purging. Let it be. Dream a little. Allow for a new hope, faith. Watch for foolish generosity if up late.


Gemini Air to Void Moon

LQ+4. Relax or task what’s already set up. You may feel worn out with an empty cup. Let go of a fear, habit. Fresh outlook arrives by 9p.

If you like to plan ahead, all of the weeks for 2019 are available on Amazon in the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner paperback book.

Moon Astrology for July 15 – 21, 2019 – Full Moon Week

July 15 – 21 Full Moon Week ahead tips for moon phase astrology.


Some astrologers say that the eclipse has the best effect when it is visible in your location. I look back to the Great Eclipse of August 2017 that was visible in the US in contrast to many other eclipses in my past experience and I am starting to agree.

This Tuesday July 16, 2019 Lunar Eclipse is visible about everywhere else except the US this time.

Still, eclipses are potent points of cycle to mark endings and perspectives. What topics in your life now that need a change? This is the issue that will be left behind.

Eclipses have a second act in six months. I am keeping an eye on current topics in my life that will resonate again with the next important round of eclipses in December 2019 and January 2020.


Head’s up for Thursday and Friday morning for a long VOC moon. Wait on decisions and purchases.

Do chores, grooming, middle parts of projects already set up. No start or finish. Friends, relax with no agenda. Prepare for the hours when the action starts again.


I’ve had a couple of classic Mercury Retrograde experiences this week. A mixup about documents. One clerk gave incorrect information and a mixup in instructions.

I had a call from someone I knew in the past, also a classic event for the retrograde.

I pushed ahead for an experiment of a new project and ran into technical problems. Another good lesson to pay attention. I will save the project for next month.

Do you have a Mercury Retrograde example to share?


Next week daily tips direct from the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner.

Hours listed are in Pacific Time.

Shorthand note for the moon phases:

FQ+6 means it is six days after the First Quarter moon.

FM+1 means it is one day after the Full Moon.


Capricorn Earth Wax

FQ+6. Bright idea early. Recognize what is working. Tension builds with the full moon. Delay social events in evening, caution for moody.


Capricorn Full Moon

Get important things done before 1p. The full moon may highlight some difficulties. Which doesn’t mean it’s over. Watch for dramas.


Aquarius Air Wane

FM+1. Still tension for some folks with full moon & aspects. Take care. Do something familiar while assessing. Probably not perfect.


Void-of-course moon

FM+2. Enjoy the feeling of getting back to “normal” after the recent whirlwind. Just have the day be okay. Routine tasks are best.


Void to Pisces Water 2p

FM+3. Keep it simple today with void moon. Wait until 220p for an important appt. Muse on the original inspiration back on Jul 2.


Pisces Water Wane

FM+4. Loosen up a little. May feel vulnerable. Consider what insights you’ve learned. May be ready to share. Hobbies, music, art.


Pisces Water Wane

FM+5. Decide to make it a pleasant day with positive Moon, Venus, Mercury. Use generosity with others as insights want to come out.

If you would like more lunar tips to schedule your events ahead, the whole year is listed out by the week in the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner which is available on Amazon.


Moon Astrology for June 3, 2019 week

New Moon Week ahead direct from the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner.

JUNE 3 MONDAY – Gemini New Moon

Morning hours best for top items. Let the day be okay. It can be as powerful as the full moon. Note how you feel compared to last week.

JUNE 4 TUESDAY – Void to Cancer Water

NM+1. The day starts 10a after the void moon. Prepare priority lists. Identify next direction. Notice what holds interest. A new you.

JUNE 5 WEDNESDAY – Cancer Water Waxing

NM+2. Review lists. Reorder priorities. Decide to show up to your own life. Let go of worry. May be inspiration in late afternoon. Finish by 5p.

2019 Moon Astrology Planner 6" x 9" Weekly

JUNE 6 THURSDAY – Void to Leo 12p

NM+3.  Check lists for long range plans like vacations. Be flexible while facing familiar limitations. Caution for low emotions in evening.

JUNE 7 FRIDAY – Leo  Fire  Waxing

NM+4. Watch for mixups. Summon enthusiasm. Be ready for distractions. Tender sprout from new moon vision. Evening is bright.

JUNE 8 SATURDAY – Leo to Virgo Waxing

NM+5. 3p Take a break 1p-4p for the void moon.

Good for social evening. Watch who or what comes to you. Reach out.

JUNE 9 SUNDAY – Virgo First Quarter

View the waxing half-moon in the evening sky. It’s okay to feel some doubt. Recall the new moon vision emotions. Face discomfort.

Lunar Hair Care December Waxing Moon

The December New Moon is extra special with Mercury turning direct Dec 6, 2018. And it kicks off the waxing moon for holiday celebrations and planning.

There are some attractive days ahead for moon phase hair treatments for color/chemical with the Aquarius moon, and cutting hair to encourage faster growth with the waxing moon.


Aquarius is highly rated for coloring hair with its qualities of Fixed and wet. Add the waxing moon for better absorption or the waning moon to see slower root growth.

The element of Air and class of semi-barren put Aquarius on the list for conditioning.

Aquarius is wet, hot and semi-barren. Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign.


The day after the New Moon, the light reflected on the Moon grows brighter each night.

Traditional lunar hair care principles based on western astrology name the waxing moon as a time for treatments to absorb, condition, and see faster growth after a haircut or trim.

LUNAR HAIR 2019 – New Feature!

Each day I look at the day and ask, “Would I pick this day for myself for a lunar hair treatment?” If the answer is no or has any doubt at all, I mark it AVOID. There are plenty of other positive lunar hair care days to choose from all year long.

I’ve decided to add a small detail to the date listing with huge ramifications for the lunar hair care table.

This new format puts more emphasis on the astrology of the day. Be sure to specially note the underlined dates to give you the best chance for success in your choice for hair care.

Positive western astrological contributions to moon phase hair care are lunar aspects such as a sextile or trine to Venus for a beauty boost.

You’ll see this new feature in Lunar Hair 2019 and I’ve added it in the list below.

The optimum moon phase hair treatment would be

#1 an underlined date (for astrology) with

#2 a “BEST” rating (for lunar hair care).

Please ask if this needs more explanation!


Here are the lunar hair care dates for next week:


Color hair: PST

Dec 10 AQU after 5p–BEST




Color & chemical–best absorption: PST

Dec 7 SAG

Dec 8 CAP after 6a

Dec 9 CAP

Dec 10 CAP before 12p noon

Dec 10 AQU after 5p–BEST+

Dec 11 AQU–BEST+

Dec 12 AQU–BEST+


Condition hair: PST

Dec 6 SAG before 6p New Moon

Dec 6 SAG after 10p New Moon


Dec 10 AQU after 5p–BEST




Cut hair: PST

Dec 6 SAG before 6p New Moon

Dec 6 SAG after 10p

Dec 7 SAG

Dec 8 CAP after 6a–BEST

Dec 9 CAP

Dec 10 CAP before 12p noon


Cut hair, trim ends–faster growth: PST

Dec 6 SAG before 6p New Moon

Dec 6 SAG after 10p New Moon

Dec 7 SAG

Dec 8 CAP after 6a–BEST++


Dec 10 CAP before 12p noon–BEST+

Dec 10 AQU after 5p

Dec 11 AQU

Dec 12 AQU


Cut hair, trim ends–thicker growth: PST

Dec 8 CAP after 6a–BEST

Dec 9 CAP

Dec 10 CAP before 12p noon


Cut, trim ends–vital energy, longer, thicker: PST

Dec 9 CAP


Permanent wave, relaxant, straightener: PST

Dec 10 AQU after 5p

Dec 11 AQU

Dec 12 AQU


Thanks for stopping by today!

Lunar Hair Tip #6 – Astro Signs for Coloring Hair

Lunar hair care principles for coloring hair are all about the astrological signs. The number one quality of the astrological signs mentioned for coloring hair is “Fixed.” Lunar Hair Tip #6 Color Hair Riding Moon Cycles

Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius are three of the four Fixed signs used for coloring. The remaining Fixed sign of Leo is too hot and dry to be useful for coloring.

Taurus, Scorpio share the classes of fertile and semi-fertile. Aquarius is the odd one out but wins high marks for its Fixed quality and wet class. Libra has votes for its semi-fertile and wet classes.

Currently I use Aquarius for the highest rated sign, with Taurus, Scorpio and Libra following, in that order.

Taurus is a major contender with the Earth element, Fixed quality, and semi-fertile class which I am considering upgrading to equal status with Aquarius. Let me know if you vote for this change.

In addition to the astrological sign, choose the waxing moon for best absorption or the waning moon for slower growth.

Which sign works for your lunar hair coloring?

Buy the digital book with all of the dates for the whole year inside Lunar Hair 2018.