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New Moon Aquarius – Lunar Hair Astrology

Jan 23-29, 2020, Lunar Hair Astrology Chart.

It’s the waxing moon for lunar hair care starting on Saturday after the New Moon.


Find the moon crescent getting bigger each night after sunset.

The principles of lunar hair care hold that the waxing moon is the time to see faster growth after a haircut or trim, and after a coloring or chemical treatment.


Take a look at the calendar below. The best day in the next week for hair care is the New Moon in Aquarius Jan 24, 2020 after 11a.

Cut, Color, Condition.

Aquarius is highly rated for coloring hair with its qualities of Fixed and wet.



BEST – means the optimum moon phase combined with the recommended astrological sign or aspect.

+PLUS – a plus sign boosts the recommendation to a higher rating of moon sign or moon phase, how close the moon is to new or full.

VC – Void-of-course moon when the moon is traveling in between the signs. Schedule hair appointments on another day.

NM+1 – means it is one day after the New Moon.


LUNAR HAIR CHART for JAN 23-29, 2020.

Jan 23

FINISH before 4p

Moon: LQ+6, Capricorn, Wane

Last Quarter Week

Color & chemical–slower growth

Cut hair

Cut hair, trim ends–slower growth–BEST++

Cut hair, trim ends–thicker growth–BEST

Note: caution for moody urges in afternoon.

AVOID after 4p

Moon: V/C


Jan 24 – New Moon

AVOID before 7a

Moon: V/C

START after 7a

Moon: NM, Aquarius

Color hair–BEST

Condition hair

Cut hair, trim ends–faster growth

Note: caution in morning for poor choices, disruptions.

Best hours after 11a today.


Jan 25

FINISH before 9a

Moon: NM+1, Aquarius, Wax

New Moon Week

Color hair–BEST

Condition hair

Cut hair, trim ends–faster growth

Permanent wave, relaxant, straightener

AVOID after 9a

Moon: V/C


Jan 26

AVOID all day/night

Moon: V/C, Pisces; Venus square Mars


Jan 27

AVOID all day/night

Moon: Pisces; Moon square Mars


Jan 28

AVOID all day/night

Moon: Pisces; V/C


Jan 29

AVOID before 6a

Moon: V/C

START after 6a

Moon: NM+5, Aries, Wax

New Moon Week

Color & chemical–best absorption

Condition hair–BEST

Cut hair, trim ends–faster growth

Lunar Hair Astrology 2020 has even more lunar hair dates sorted by style and the Best of the Best. You are sure to find the right time for your hair treatment.

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Lunar Hair Astrology – Full Moon

Do you like to cut or trim your hair at the Full Moon?

Astrologers and historical folklore all agree that the Full Moon is the best phase for seeing thicker growth after a cut or trim.

I include the two days before and after the Full Moon, called the “Full Moon Window” in the Lunar Hair Astrology calendar.

When it is not the Full Moon, the focus is on the astrological sign.

Those signs are Taurus, Leo, Capricorn, and Scorpio.

Each sign is categorized differently in astrology. Here’s the lineup:

  • Taurus & Capricorn are semi-fertile.
  • Scorpio is in the class of fertile.
  • Taurus, Leo, and Capricorn are all dry.
  • Taurus, Capricorn and Scorpio are cold.
  • Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio are fixed.

Taurus is coming in the next week with the Full Moon.

With Mercury Retrograde, keep to a quick trim at your usual salon and avoid a radical new style. You might change your mind at the end of the month when Mercury turns direct.

  • NOV 10 TAU after 5p–BEST+
  • NOV 11 TAU–BEST+
  • NOV 12 TAU before 6a–BEST+ Full Moon

NOV 11 2019 MONDAY

  • All day/night
  • Moon: FQ+7, Taurus, Wax
  • Full Moon Window (tomorrow Tues is Full)
  • Color hair
  • Color & chemical–best absorption–BEST+
  • Cut hair, trim ends–faster growth–BEST
  • Cut hair, trim ends–thicker growth–BEST+
  • Permanent wave, relaxant, straightener

Note: caution for Mercury Retrograde. Keep to maintenance with trusted stylist.

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Moon Astrology for Oct 27 – Nov 2, 2019 – New Moon Week Waxing Phase

It’s a wonderful week ahead with many optimum days for priority business. Last call before Mercury Retrograde starts on Thursday.

Times are PDT. Add 3 hours for Eastern time.

  • Sunday after 2p
  • Monday
  • Tuesday before 10a
  • Tuesday after 3p
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday after 8p
  • Friday
  • Saturday to 10p

TUESDAY. I hope you ave some clear skies to view the crescent moon in the early evening, 30 minutes after sunset. That’ll be Venus below the Moon on Tuesday night.

THURSDAY. It’s a treat to see Jupiter below the Moon in the Halloween night sky.

Scroll down to see the sky viewing details here.

Times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. Add 3 hours for EDT.

OCT 27 – SUN – New Moon

Scorpio New Moon

Void moon to 2p. Caution continues with Mars/Saturn/Pluto squares plus Uranus opposition. Notice if you can welcome the dark moon. Consider overall how different you feel from last week.

OCT 28 – MON

Scorpio Water Wax

NM+1. A normal Monday morning. Best is 1p-4p. But caution for blindspots, adjustments. Be alert. May feel vulnerable. Check for hope.

OCT 29 – TUE

Void to Sagittarius Fire

NM+2. Start early and get it done before 10a. Switch routine and middle of current projects. If ready, start after 3p. Decide to show up.

OCT 30 – WED

Sagittarius Fire Wax

NM+3. Move ahead with a new plan. Ask for what you want today 2p-3p with meeting of Mercury-Venus. If not ready, be flexible.

OCT 31 – THU

Void-of-course moon

NM+4. Simple cleanup tasks work best today. Don’t start or finish. The evening picks up Capricorn moon at 8p. Outside distractions arrive.


Capricorn Earth Wax

NM+5. Enjoy a calm morning. Listen for true desire. Watch what/who shows up. Be focused not scattered.


Capricorn Earth Wax

NM+6. Caution for a rocky morning start but evening is better. Explore mingling feelings with creative outlets. Color, dance, music, etc.

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Moon Astrology for August 11 – 17, 2019 – Full Moon Week

Full Moon Thursday has the Moon opposite Venus (6a early) and Mars (6p dinner PDT).

These opposite aspects to the Moon mean that the morning may be moody around the breakfast table, and it may be better to pick a different afternoon / evening for social time or risk upsets.

Fit lunch plans in between the clashes from 12p to 2p.

How to read the tips below:

Moon sign [Capricorn] + Element [Earth] + Moon Phase {Wax/Wane]
FQ+4 is four days after the First Quarter Moon.
FM+1 means it is one day after the Full Moon.
Times listed are Pacific Daylight Time.
Add 3 hours for EST.

Capricorn Earth Wax
FQ+4. Confusing morning. Consider if you can take a step ahead of normal abilities. Plan for your kind of full moon experience.

Capricorn Earth Wax
FQ+5. All systems are go. Wind up important tasks by 3p before the VC. Note how much of the original desire is here. See how to adapt.

Aquarius Air Waxing
FQ+6. Could be mixed feelings by lunch time. Plus emotional flare-ups are possible. Plan for some self-care to ease full moon tension.

Aquarius Air Waxing
FQ+7. The Moon and Jupiter make a much better morning than yesterday. Work details. Recognize the parts that are working.

Aquarius Full Moon
Find a perspective for the cycle. Notice how the vision changed. Watch for a tiring late afternoon and plan for an easy void evening to rest.

Pisces Water Wane
FM+1. Be prepared for unusual issues in the AM and full moon window. Believe what you do has value. Full light is on current results.

Pisces Water Wane
FM+2. Expect that you can find what you need. Complete tasks by 3p. Watch that others may have a full moon low mood.

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Moon Astrology for July 29 – August 4, 2019 – New Moon Week

July 29 – Aug 4 – New Moon Week ahead tips for moon phase astrology.

The one step forward and two steps back dance we’ve recently been tangled in should move forward by the end of the week.


Wednesday July 31 the New Moon occurs along with Mercury return to forward motion. Let the direction-confused Mercury have a day or two to settle in before tackling the priority items.


For the New Moon let’s consider upgrading wishing and hoping and intending to a better level. It’s been my experience that wishing keeps the thing that you want in future time and it never quite comes within reach.

Another approach to would be to firmly declare a goal or attitude for the cycle. Decide on it rather than wish for it. Infuse the resolution with the emotions that it feels like when you have it. What does it feel like to have it in the present time “now” rather than in the future? Call on memories of similar occasions to summon up a sense of it.

New Moon Week Riding Moon Cycles


Here are the moon astrology tips for next week:

Phase note: LQ+5 means it is five days after the Last Quarter moon.

Phase note: NM+2 is two days after the New Moon.

Times listed are PST.


July 29 – MON

Cancer  Water  Wane

LQ+5. A shred of hope returns. Be alert for new mood around 3p. Believe an answer exists so you will recognize it when you see it.


July 30 – TUE

Cancer  Water  Wane

LQ+6. May be creative ideas this morning. But Mars/Neptune brings confusion. It’s the dark days to retreat & nourish inner vision. Wait.


July 31 – WED

Leo New Moon

Good time for a social lunch today. Fill the vision with the emotions of already having what you want, right now, today. Powerful time.


August 1 – THU

Leo Fire to Void 2p

NM+1. Get important tasks done before 12p noon. Look for something wonderful. After that, switch to routine. Sensitive is okay. Have some hope.


August 2 – FRI

Virgo  Earth  Waxing

NM+2. A strong, earthy, waxing go-for-it day for your most important activities. Decide to show up to how you feel, what to do.


August 3 – SAT

Virgo  Earth  Waxing

NM+3. A quirky day may turn out all right in the end. Enjoy optimism. Go ahead with new plans if ready. Familiar limits may surface.


August 4 – SUN

Libra  Air  Waxing

NM+4. Caution in the morning with confused Mars-Pluto. Maybe shadows from the past. Day gets progressively better to late evening.

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Moon Astrology for Week June 17 – 23 Full Moon

JUNE 17-23 – Full Moon Week ahead from the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner.

The practical, get-it-done days are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Delay decisions and stick to routine on Wednesday and Friday.

If you are magnetically sensitive, this week is a doozy. It started last Friday June 21.

Monday June 17 Full Moon is aligned with the Galactic Center at 25 degrees of Sagittarius.

That’s the magnetically charged full moon lined up with the black hole of the galaxy which scientists tell changes and distorts the paths of the material around it.

After that whammy, we move right into the June 21 Summer Solstice when the path of Sun crosses over the Milky Way.

This is called Galactic Cross.

All of this means you might be reeling with a spacey feeling or confusion.

Or you might reach for a higher plane with some spiritual work and positive intentions.

Here are the Moon Astrology tips for next week:

JUNE 17 – MONDAY – Sagittarius Full Moon
To Capricorn Earth 9a
Take stock of completed parts. Celebrate! Light is shining now on progress. It’s not the end.

JUNE 18 – TUESDAY – Capricorn Earth Wane
FM+1. Note possible morning gush. Earth signs are good for financial items. Something familiar aids review of progress. Probably not perfect.

JUNE 19 – WEDNESDAY – Void-of-course moon
FM+2. All day VOC 4a-7p. Enjoy some ‘normal’ time after the frenzy of last week. Do chores, parts already in motion. Be safe tonight.

JUNE 20 – THURSDAY – Aquarius Air Wane
FM+3. Morning grumps pass. Better now. Look for neglected items to do. Wisdom wants to get itself out into the world now.

JUNE 21 – FRIDAY – Void-of-course moon-24hrs
FM+4. The void moon runs 7a Friday to Pisces 7a Saturday. Delay important tasks and decisions. Focus on chores, preps, pampering.

JUNE 22 – SATURDAY – Pisces Water Wane
FM+5. Enjoy a breather from recent tensions. Allow time to view the big picture. Muse on how to improve it all with new ideas.

JUNE 23 – SUNDAY – Pisces Water Wane
FM+6. Save big plans for another day. Tough aspects today. Keep it simple while feelings evolve. It may feel familiar, like when…